Sunday, 17 February 2008

Experience at the IQ 2008...

From many days, I was in a craze of participating in the IQ 2008. IQ is a quiz compeition conducted by IMS (Institute of Management Studies). It stands for IMS Quotient. It is considered as the nation's biggest undergraduate college quiz competition. There are 5 levels
  1. The Eliminaton Round
  2. City Finals
  3. Quarter Finals
  4. Semi Finals
  5. National Finals
Definitely a tough challenge. However, I, alongwith my teammates, Ajay Agarwal and Chetan Pujari had got ready to take this challenge. All was set and fine. But then, all my friends of SSBJ had planned a meet at Kudalasangama on 16th. This was a lifetime opportunity. My friends were getting together after a very long time of around 4 years. And I really doubt if we can get together again as everyone is going to get busy in life in the days to come. I decided to go for the meet on 16th and then move to the quiz on 17th. But then, due to certain personal reasons, I was unable to move out of Hubli on 16th. I missed the show badly and felt bad for it. I apologize to all my friends who were expecting me to join them and I could not do that. After all, an opportunity that had come after 4 long years and which might not come in the future again was missed by me

Today morning, I got up in time (Thank God!) and after the routine activites, reached the bus station also in time (0815 hours). IMS had made some arrangements to the venue directly (In JNMC College Campus at B S Jirge Auditorium). However, the number of participants was enormous. It appeared to me as if it will be a big problem of crowd management at Belgaum. We got into a bus and started the journey. Coincidently, S B Nadagouda sir also joined us. He was accompanying his college teams for the competition

Soon, we were in Belgaum. There was a lot of time and we moved on for breakfast. The competition was supposed to begin at 1230 hours and we were back by 1215 hours. However, the crowd was so massive that everything was getting out of control. The auditorium could accomodate a 1000 people. However, there were at least 2500 people. There was a lot of mismangement. The IMS people had gone to all colleges in Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum and made almost everyone who they get in the college to fill up the form. They did this with an intention of publicity

Further, there was a brochure distributed among all the students. In that, it was mentioned that all the city finalists will get an iPod. However, all the students misunderstood thinking that every participant would get an iPod and a lot of them came over for the same reason. But then, soon, their hearts were broken

Due to excessive participants, the IMS people did not understand what to do. These are people who give coaching for CAT

Now, lets see what solutions they got

Solution No. 1- We are full. So, others who are not getting a seat in auditorium can leave
Well, you go to each and every person and invite them for your marriage. All come on yor invitation. Very few have come volunteerly. And then, you tell, get out. What does it mean? And these are management teachers???

Solution No. 2- We will conduct the first round twice
Hmmm... so, the second round participants already know the questions. What a solution!
Finally, it was decided to give papers to everyone and the questions would be announced everywhere and from wherever we were, we had to written the answers on any sheet of paper and hand it over to them. Well, although this was the only solution possible, yet, things were not fair. It was obvious for the people to refer books and call their friends to get the answers. Although everything happened before everyone's eyes, everyone was helpless

The main reason for all this mess is definitely the IMS people. Firstly, they go and gather big crowd by telling them attractive things. Just for the sake of getting publicity, they print a lot of booklets and advertise all over. They roamed across all the colleges. They even stood at the entrance of all the colleges and made everyone register for the quiz. And when, they do all this, they should also make the arrangements to cater the needs of all the people. However, this was not taken care of. And the entire event was mismanaged

We were asked 21 questions. Of course, the quality of question was very high. We did our best and submitted the papers. And then, almost 60% of the teams left. We all sat back at the auditorium. And the best 6 teams were declared. We were not in the list. However, a JGCC team was there with a surprise package, as usual

We waited back expecting to win some audience prizes. Things went smooth from here on. Everything was fit and complete. Unfortunately, although we know some answers, we were not lucky enough to get any audience prizes either

At the end, the quiz results were declared. And then, another dhamaal. The winners were PG (Post Graduation) students. And the quiz was only for under graduates. You can imagine level of publicity has happened. And after everything was over, they tell that they are PG students, they get disqualified and the runners up were declared the winners

It was more a boring trip rather than a competition. I defnitely understand that arranging such big events is a difficult task. But then, one must always remember, TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD. These days, the educational institutions have become so commercial that they are on a neck to neck competition with companies like AirTel when it comes to advertising. A lot of misguiding in the name of career guidance is visible clearly everywhere

I must definitely say that we had a OK time. However, if things were planned more correctly in limits, things would be much better

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