Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Holi came... Holi went... But when the hell will this hell go...

Time is one factor that has the maximum effect on anyone's life. Whenever we see failures, we always hear people saying that the time is not good. And when someone succeeds, they say that his time is good. With time, life takes a lot of changes. Initially, we object so many things. But then, we accept them all with time. Time changes everything. A change with time is required to lead a better life. However, there are certain things on which a person can not compromise. And thus, he is unable to change. And finally, he falls in the ditch of bad time. Now, he has to compromise or die there. We usually find compromises as life is at stake. Exactly in the same fashion, I have been compromising on everything

People lied to me. I compromised. People played around me. I compromised. People hurt me. I compromised. People cheated me. I compromised. Each time, I said to myself, what the big deal, lets take it easy and went ahead. And today, these large number of small compromises have become a big burden on life

These small things are pinching me every moment and sucking off my blood. Each time there was a problem, I would consider to solve it at even the cost of hurting my intuition. I considered myself at fault although I was right. I did everything, forgot, solved, blamed, scolded, hit, convinced, confused, sacrificed, cried, kicked and what. Yet, the result remains the same

It is said- "No one can teach a man. He will learn whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants. Had men learn what was taught, world would be a perfection and not a struggle"

I even tried this and kept quiet. Even then, things didnt work. After all these struggles with continuous failures, I really dont understand what has to be done. Everything remains a question mark and my career has slipped into an imbalanced position

Even after the best efforts, I am yet unable to read a single page. This will be the third time I will be giving my CA exams and such a shame that I am yet going to fail. A year back, the same person was the University rankholder. I dont understand why life is taking me through such harsh stages. Or am I taking my life through such stages??? Things are seeming impossible. In my previous post about my career, I had given a big list of career opportunites where the doors were open to me. However, today, I find that all the doors are closed. For each and every opportunity, I am ineligible or not compatible in one or the other manner. Life has dragged me on the roads and I am lying as a wounded street dog with no option but to die under a vehicle one fine day

I am totally confused about all this. I am unable to choose the path to move on. I am unable to know what exactly is happening. I am unable to know the reasons behind whats happening. I am unable to know anything. I know that this is a crucial moment of life. The final few days to complete my graduation and I need to be very serious and responsible about whatever I do. Yet, things are pretty upset at this end

By the way... Holi, the festival of colors has just come and gone. This year, there was no much color in it. A formality to show the world that even I played Holi was on. Colors of confusion have come up that have made life, a tough saga of colorless pictures

Holi has come, Holi has gone... And it keeps coming...
Things have come, Things have gone... And they keep coming...
Happiness has come, Happiness has gone... And it keeps coming...
But this hell called as life comes once and never goes... And once it goes, it never comes...

Friday, 21 March 2008

A picnic to Sanjivini Eco-Education Park...

I was just speaking with my friends in the college. I just hinted that we could go for a picnic to some place on Friday (14th Mar 08) as it was a holiday. It suddenly turned a serious issue and the plan was laid out. All girls gathered, and immediately, planned for the same and it was made final to move on. We were supposed to gather early morning in the college and move from there to the Sanjivini Park which is a beautiful and serene place between Hubli-Dharwad. Its one natural place that has a lot of greenery. I had heard about the place and I wished to go over there. And today, it would turned into a reality

In the morning, we were supposed to meet in the college at 10. However, the Rain God had some different plans for us. We met in college at 11. After waiting for the entire team to come, we left by a bus to the Sanjivini Park and reached there by 12. We completed the ticket purchase formalities, etc and got into the park. It was a beautiful place and was a visitor's delight. We found one more friend (Mallik) with one more new person at the spot. They were definitely shocked at the moment they us. But then, slowly, things eased. The first one was the maze garden. It was quite beautiful and built like a chakravyuha. Then, there was a rock bunch laid down. After that, it was the most attractive part of the park, the giant water fall. Though the fall was not really giant, it was giant considering this as a children park. It was nice. We then prayed the Vanadevata (Forest God). And then, the fun began. We entered the children's park and played variety of games from swings to slopes to barrels, etc. It was great fun slipping from the slopes. It did that at least 8-10 times. We had a stunts session too and took some great photographs (look at the end). Soon, we started playing some games. A person was blindfolded and was supposed to catch others. It was a great time that we all were having. Even I was caught and blindfolded. With my heavy swings and shots, people considered staying away

After all this fun, we sat down tired. Soon, we had some refreshments and started our lunch too. The girls had bought the food from home. It was too good and stomachs were soon overloaded. Almost everyone was sleepy. I at least lied down for some time. After that, we started playing Antakshari. What a lovely moment this too was...

It was about 4 pm and we started to pack up and start moving as the park was scheduled to close at 5 pm. And we were supposed to see some more places. There was one beautiful tree on which the face of a human was carved. And the next place was the cactus garden. There some very good plants in this garden that would be excellent show plants in anyone's home. There was also a flower garden which too was a beautiful sight. Finally, we landed at the flush green grass park which was the last spot before exit. We sat down for some time here and relaxed. And soon, we bid adieu to this beautiful place where we breathed fresh and sweet breeze to get back to our polluted world. How fine life would be, if there was no such pollution and all. And these days, more than any pollution, what is affected the human life to the maximum is the mind pollution. This has made life very difficult and unhappy. Happiness lies in the satisfaction of the heart and soul and that is achieved by such serene things that are pure and these idirectly touch the heart and add to its sanctity

These were some very beautiful moments spent with everyone. I am definitely in search of more such moments as the college days are getting over too soon and once we get into the professional world, things will not be the same. These are some final days that need to be spent with lot of love, care, happiness and social involvement. A lot of relationships get built and get stronger in these few days. We need to keep the point in mind that the earth is a family and we all are members. And we need to get closer to all these members. Thats real success and shall give real happiness. Simultaneously, we also need to concentrate on our career front also to make our life's journey path a strong, stable and beautiful one

I am thankful to all the people (Vikram NA, Sachin, Vikam Mal, Nitin, Priyanka, Shilpa, Aruna, Priya and of course, Mallik and Gowri) who made this day a delightful one. And also thankful to the people who built and are maintaining this beautiful park between the twin cities...

Monday, 17 March 2008

What a coincidence... The 100th post is a birthday post...

This is the 100th post on this blog and I am glad that the effort to write my life story has come such a long way. It has definitely taken a lot of endeavour and energy from me. Yet, the satisfaction derived is uncomparable. I am happy and thankful to all my friends and other readers who's words have encouraged me to keep the work going

Its a delightful coincidence that the centurion post is the narration of the small birthday party that was held in my honour by parents and friends. I am thankful to them not just for this, but for everything they have done for me. As I was in Bhopal on my birthday, the celebrations were held on 11th March 2008

Though the plan was to surprise me, I was not much surprised for I knew that these people had planned this. Yet, I was happy to know this. I believe, it was the last day of internal exams and after the exams, all my friends told me that they will come to home in the evening and we will go to the Nruptunga Hills. But I immediately knew that they were coming for my birthday celebration as the hill journey is always very casual and doesnt require any planning

At around 5 pm, the gang (Priyanka, Deepak, Sachin and Vikram) arrived with a beautiful cake with them. Soon, I had a wash and we all went to the Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi Nagar. Even my sisters, Sushma and Spurti, joined us. We spent some time there and after seeking the lord's blessings, we relaxed for some time and came back home

Unfortunately, there was a power cut. We did not have enough time to wait as they had to move home in time. So, I had to celebrate the day under the candle light. In fact, it was more beautiful and lovely to do so. The usual formalities continued and the day was celebrated

This is the last birthday that I will be celebrating as a student. All these 3 years as a commerce student, life has gone well. Some people came too close and were very good friends with me. While most of them are going ahead with higher education and another bunch of them are supposed to handle their family business, I fall into the category of students who are on a lookout for an immediate job. Though my scores definitely speak volumes about a good academic life ahead, the current conditions of life have prohibited me from venturing into them. There numerous ways in which I am thinking about the future. A bank job, a business plan, a Govt job, a sales job, LIC business, etc are some arenas in which I am thinking. As of now, I am determined to go ahead with a job in a bank (officer level) and simultaneously pursue my MBA through correspondence and also promote LIC & Mutual Fund business also. Lets see where life will take me. Today might be one among the last meetings that we all are having. Who knows, where our destinies will take us after graduation. I just wish that everyone should lead a righteous life and be happy always

After a small refreshment, everyone was back to their homes

A lot of thoughts were running in my mind about the days to come. Numerous directions to move. Lets see where the stars will lead us

Once this post goes online, the blog will be a 100 post strong blog. My efforts to continue writing will be on. It helps in a regular introspection of life and helps in shaping one's personality. And my motto of writing this blog was, is and always will be



Thanking everyone for the wonderful support and wishing myself A Very Happy Birthday...