Thursday, 31 July 2008

Results out... Team 5 tops... Hurray...

Say little, and love much
Give all
Judge no man
Aspire to all that is pure and good…
The ISAS results have been announced and our team has made it to the top. I was sure of this as our scrapbook was prepared in a great manner. Moreover, the presentation had been planned in a very appropriate manner to justify the subject. Further, as a team as well as individuals, we had given it our best. But then, I am neither delighted nor excited for this. The reason being, this is just a healthy growing exercise. The top few performers were also declared, namely, Meenu, Rekha, Sukanya, Bineet and me too

This marks the close of one chapter called ISAS which has extracted a lot of work from us. But then, its a beginning of a new chapter in human relations, team work, additional competencies, stronger competition in the days to come

We were supposed to submit an assignment on Accouts today to Laxminarayana sir. And I remembered about this yesterday night at around 10 pm. I was watching 'Shootout at Lokhandwala' and did not wish to leave that. So, I started writing the assignment later and that continued till late night 12.30 am. Obviously, I got up a little late. However, I managed to pick up and get things right at the right time in the right way

The other day, Bineet had given a review on one day. I missed writing about it. He did it in a good way, cool, natural and confident

And now, its time to get ready for the next war, the monthly test no. 1 on 4th of August 2008. Battle after battle, keep making efforts to win them, and finally, you win the war
The woods are dark, lovely and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep
As I write this, something in my heart is beating for something. I don't understand why me miss someone or something. Sometimes, you just feel like go out and do something but still, life stops you from doing it. I have come over with a challenge in life to do something. I feel, I can garner respect only when the task is accomplished. Everything else can wait

Signing off for the day

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The D Day comes... Everyone excels...

At last, we are here, completed the task of ISAS, the biggest rating activity at IFBI. It was a great day and I just loved it. We all had been making a lot of effort for this activity. Struggle was on day in and day out, especially some groups that were so secretive and were involved in this almost on a full time basis

Its great to see that everyone outperformed on this day adding to the delight of the faculty. There is not even a single person who can be considered as low on performance. Thats what happens when everyone makes a serious effort towards something. Dedication and consistent efforts are the keys to success

Teams were chosen randomly to give the presentations. The day began with the presentation by Team 1 on the topic "Rural Banking". The team consisted of Rekha, Jeena, Vibha, Kamaksha and Raju. It was a good show covering up on all the aspects of the topic. It was followed by Team 2's presentation on the topic "Impact of Technology on Service Sector" consisting of Chitra, Bayyareddy, Richa, Saurav and Sameer. The 4th team consisting of Raghavendra, Naveen Crasta, Shivkumar, Nikita and Bineet gave the presentation on "Relevance of Customer Service". The next was Team no. 3 consisting Sukanya, Ajeya, Gopinath, Rajlaxmi and Naveen Koganti who gave the show on "Retail Revolution". And the last team was ours. Team 5 consisting Meenu, Ruchi, Aditya, Maruti and I gave our show on "Housing Industry and Employment Growth"

One thing that I liked about the activity was that it gave rise to a healthy competition. People also realised their potential. Most of them got an exposure to perform and I am sure, they will perform much better in the time to come

The faculty too loved it. The scrapbooks were also designed beautifully. Altogether, it was a great day
I dont wish to pass on my comments on anyone or any group as this is the stage of growth and development. This is not competition. The competition is yet to come

Signing off for the day

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Deadlines take a toll on life but add a smile at the end...

The last day for the scrapbook preparation is today. And things are taking a toll. A little tension has been added on air due to the serial blasts at Ahmedabad and also various findings of the similar nature all over the nation. Sadly, the border situation has added to all the mess as the Pakistani soldiers are trying to infiltrate into the LoC. Things are appearing too fishy. India is facing a lot of problems, both internally and externally. On one hand, the social life of the people has been affected and on the other, the defence of the nation has been questioned. And all this in just 48 hours of time

The week thus began weak. It was tough and uninteresting too. In fact, we had gathered on saturday too at IFBI for the purpose of preparing for the ISAS. It has been postponed to tuesday (from monday). However, due to me being very tired due to the previous day's work, I was unable to do anything

And today too was the same case. I have not even read my topics and I am not sure what they contain. The most important part of the show is the powerpoint presentation. After the classes, I sat down preparing the presentation. Everyone passed the data to me and I just compiled them and prepared the same. Further, this process carried on upto 7.15 pm. It was a tedious job, though satisfying. Sweat always satisfies!

And now, I am with the task of going and preparing myself for the big day ahead. A maximum part of my work remains undone. And with the kind of tiredness I am experiencing, I really doubt what I am going to do when I get back home

Signing off for the day

Saturday, 26 July 2008

The third week in the capital comes to an end...

From about 3 weeks, I have been here, in the capital of the state making efforts to boost my LIC business. Things have been really tough and the results are yet to come out. Efforts are on. This week, I met a few more persons. The most interesting was the journey of Thursday. I took an appointment to meet one of the clients. However, I had to go to Kemp Fort on Airport road which is quite far from Jayanagar. I left here by 6 pm and due to heavy traffic and long distance, I reached there by about 7.45 pm. In fact, I must say that I was quick

On reaching, the rain God welcomed me. Above all this, I had done the biggest mistake of wearing a white pant and not wearing shoes. I wore sandals and that ensured that my white pant takes a new color

I explained about the products and gave all the information possible. In fact, I must thank them for being so patient in listening to me. Further, I was very delighted by this meet. It felt like, I am in my home. A lot of care and affection moved me and I was happy for that

I left by around 9.45 pm or so. It was still raining. I took a bus to get down at corporation. However, for my ill fate, the driver did not stop at corporation and I had to get down at Market. From there, I was told that we get direct buses to my place. However, none came. I took another bus to get back to corporation and even this person did not stop at corporation and went till the next stop. It was about 10.50 pm and I had to walk back to Corporation. And then, I got a bus to my place and reached by around 11.30 pm and by that time, my white pant had become black

And yeah, another mistake that I did was, I kept taking tickets throughtout the journey. It costed by around Rs 80. Had I taken a pass (which I do everytime), it would just cost me Rs 30. So, I decided that I will always take a pass from the next time

But, above all these things, I felt very happy after coming back to my PG. It was indeed good time that I spent with some very good people after a very long time

On friday, we had a big plan. I had planned for an Ajeets meet. I had called up Rajendra, Gurushant, Santosh, Araving HG, Kishore, Nagaraj, Veeresh, Shanakargouda to meet. All was set. However, due to the serial bomb blasts across the city at 9 places spoilt all the plan. It was after a very long time that such a meeting was coming up. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I was ready to move. Even everyone was ready to come. However, we just decided to put it off as we did not want to risk one another

I had been to Siddu's home on friday night. I had some pending work with Santosh and Raju. And today morning, I came back. And while coming back, I took a pass (paying Rs 30) thinking that I will be going to meet people today. Had I come taking tickets, it would cost me Rs 10. And now, I am not going anywhere as there are news of bombs being detected and defused at some more places

That was all this week. I have missed out some more meets that were usual with other clients. One thing which has been adding to the toll is the rising expense. With each passing day, the expenses are going up. I need to just put a break or manage these properly

Bomb blasts... The Worst-est actions humans can do...

Today, it was all an usual day. The classes went on. The project work too continued. And we were fastening the scrapbook work as we have to submit it by the time we leave. But then, this news of bomb blasts across the city added a lot of sadness in the air. About 7 serial blasts happened in Bengaluru at different places. This definitely added a little panic everywhere. More than panic, its hurting that a man is making effort to kill other men. This goes to show the great progress that the humans on earth are making. The blasts were of a minor intensity. Yet, the terror created is the same. It spoils the mood of everyone in the city and across the nation too. Many people get worried and the phone lines get jammed. Terror is one thing which is very dangerous for human life. Specially, minor blasts. They might not take away life. In fact, they are not meant to take lives but to create fear of death. Such fear that can kill life when alive and have no meaning for having a heart that beats in sync with a nose that breathes. I had a plan of meeting all my friends in Bengaluru and we had made all necessary arrangements to get together at 5 pm at The Forum Mall, Koramangala. Unfortunately, everything has been called off. Just like my parents, a million people who have their loved ones in Bangalore must be terribly hurt, worried and filled up with the worst sentiment of life - Fear created in humans by humans for life which God gave

I don't wish to speak much about this dark day. We are asked to stay back at IFBI for some time till the situation is good to move out. Signing off for the day

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Scrapbook work taking a good shape...

The ISAS activity has been encouraging everyone to get together and understand each other. It has been teaching everyone to work in a team and make consistent efforts. All this adds a value to the human attitude and thats more worthy than the scrapbook or the project. This activity has added more life into the class

We have almost completed our scrapbook. A few final strokes are to come soon. Tomorrow is the date to submit it

By the way, the review activity has been forgotten. It has not been conducted through the week
Signing off for the day

A tedious day...

Classes have become too boring and it takes a lot of patience and effort to sit through the 5 hours. Slowly, the break timings are on a rise. FMA and IFS are moving on. The scrapbook work too is on a move. Nothing special. Signing off for the day

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Uneventful times begin...

The day began with the Maths class covering a few more interest related concepts. And then, the IFS class followed by Accounts. Nothing special to write about. A little boredom has been added over the past few days. After the class, we sat down for the scrapbook preparation. That was a little interesting. We have got all the sheets, etc required for the purpose. A little planning was done and the sheets were arranged and cut in some nice manner. There is still a need to collect articles. Almost everyone is involved in the same activity. The moment this gets over, we are definitely going to breath a little easier

Signing off for the day

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Is there no IFBI in Pakistan...

The week has begun in a very exciting manner with the most funny scene between Binit and Bayyareddy. Well, Monday morning is always a very tight time. The sleeping mood of Saturday and Sunday does not permit you to wake up early. I too faced the same and was a little late in getting up. But, I just bunked my breakfast to make good the time lost and was in time to the class. This week, we will be missing Rahul sir as he is busy on an assignment at Vijaya Bank

All started well

It so happened that Bayyareddy asked Binit- "Where are you from?"

Binit just remained quiet. On being instigated again, he was angry and replied - "Pakistan"

We all turned back to see what happened. Bayyareddy, always astonished and confused, had something more to add to his astonishment. As usual, with that pretty smile on his face with extra glitter on listening to the response, he says- "Is there no IFBI in Pakistan?" :-))

Binit lost his speech and nobody could control their laughter

Jokes apart, things are moving well. Today, we had another faculty, Balakrishna sir, who began the new topic relating to simple and compund interest from Financial Mathematics. While simple interest is calculated as P*T*R/100 (P is the principal, T is the time period, R is the rate of interest), compound interest uses a different formula, A[1 - 0.01 r]^n - P (A is the amount, r is the rate of interest for the period, n is the number of such periods and P is the principal), to ensure that the interest earned is added back to the principal and thus, earn a higher amount of interest So, the study burden is on the rise. A lot of effort, in terms of study hours, needs to be put in

After this, we had the IFS class which went cool. A lot of detailed study was done on RBI working

And then, we continued with the ISAS work. In fact, I had a lot of plans to prepare a CV and some other presentations after the class. However, due to certain technical problems, the systems were down and I had to postpone them. We got on much seriously in regard to the ISAS and distributed the articles amongst each other after classifying them into different sections and allocated them to each person. And thank God, our group has started functioning finally. I was a little bothered as Anil and Aditya were off. Luckily, Aditya is back. And we have another newcomer in our team, in lieu of Anil, Ruchi. So, its hum paanch in the 5th group again. Tomorrow, we need to prepare the scrapbook too

That was all for the day

Yeah, on friday, after the class, I and Naveen had a good walking exercise in search of Andhra Bank. And finally, when we landed at the destination, we found that the bank does not have and ATM. So, there was no worth walking all the way. And in the evening, we all had gone for a small hunt for Pani Puri sponsored by Naveen :-)

One very important thought that I learnt recently is
Do everything to express yourself
Do nothing to impress others
Signing off for the day

Monday, 21 July 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough doesn't get going...

Things have been quite tough these days. Even after all the effort, sometimes, to our fate, the tough goes on getting tougher. Yet, efforts have been consistent on my part. This week's most jovial moment was when I met Ravi Kollure sir. I had been longing to meet him. He has been very helful to me in many occassions. I had not even seen his photograph till today. And it was a real pleasure meeting him

Further, I was not able to reach a lot of people this week. So, some extra effort is needed. However, I am not able to understand the direction in which I should move. First and foremost thing is that, I have realised, I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation that can be given everywhere. I am still using the pen and paper to explain. No doubt, I make the best explanations and pass on the exact understanding of every information. Yet, in this age, people are more crazy to go through presentations and feel delighted to see such things. So, I need to get in place a powerpoint at the earliest

I am carrying on the work. Results are very slow. So, to see if I am really on a path of success or not, I need some more time. Nothing special to write about

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Mera Bharat Mahaan... One of the most memorable day at IFBI...

There are moments in life which we will remain in memory forever. Most of such moments come unexpectedly. And one such moment just got added into my life (and may be, at least a few will remain this for a long time to come). The day began with a review for which Mr Bayya Reddy was called today. It so happened that he was not able to show much enthusiasm in him. At that moment, Laxminarayan sir hinted him to shout out with patriotism as 'Mera Bharat Mahaan'. The moment I heard this, I was on my toes to do that. Having been closely associated with the Army, it flows in my blood. I was almost ready to get up from my seat or shout out from there itself

Luckily, sir instigated, "Can anyone do this and show him?" and I just ran off to the front without waiting for a second. And in a moment, there was a roar of the words 'Mera Bharat Mahaan' and I am sure, it definitely made a difference to everyone's heart. Its not to tell that I can shout well. Its something that I would like to inform everyone that we are all Indians. That spirit and energy must be in us at each and everytime

It is said in sanskrit
'Janani, Janmabhumischa Swargadapi Gariyasi'
It means something like
'Mother and Motherland are greater than the heaven'
So, a person who doesn't get excited is ... (fill in the blanks yourself)

After this, we went ahead with the interview related discussions. And then, we had mock interviews. There was a lot of fun and action in the class today. There is situations when we were called to sell some products. There were lot of interactive points. Mock interviews, of course, was the delight of the day

And then, we had a session on revising BIT (Basics of Information Technology). It was awesome and we had great fun (off the floor :))

And now, what else, newspaper cutting is on

Signing off for the weekend and remember, 'Mera Bharat Mahaan' can happen when all Indians join together and show genuine traits like honesty, truthfulness, effort and of course, work with the spirit of contributing greatly towards the value progress of this great nation. The whole world was once upon a time called as 'Bharatavarsha'. This proves very clearly what the nation is

Be proud to be an Indian. Whenever its a question on the name of the nation, ensure that you win it always

Happy weekend!!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

A day before the last day before the weekend...

A normal simple nice fine cool day has just passed on. As usual, we began with the Banking class. Today's review was given by an experienced person compared to many of us. As expected, it was a great show covering up each and every point in great details at a good pace. A lot of confidence and energy was exhibited and it was a successful show in all respects

Further, we have almost come to the theory classes of OOB module today. We are left with a couple of activities and exercises that shall be taken up soon. After the class, we continued with the interview training sessions. Today, we had a discussion about all technical questions relating to banking. All went well. I need to brush up some of the concepts that were learnt in BCom. And then, we continued in the lab. There were some formalities like form filling, etc which was also completed. And now, going ahead for the newspaper collection. We have got the permission to cut the papers to paste them into our scrap book. So, the collection process has begun

Time is moving at a quick pace. There is a need to recognize its movement and act intelligently. A lot of changes are going to come in the coming few days. These are the defining moments for the future

Signing off for the day

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Indian Financial System queues up...

Today, we have begun with yet another new subject, 'Indian Financial System (IFS)'. It was a quite normal day. As the routine goes, Mr Raju presented today's review and he did a nice job covering all the aspects in a decent manner and highlighting the important point. The FMA class followed and we covered more about Accountancy on the areas like journal, ledger, postings, etc. After a tea break, IFS began (which is also taken up by Laxminarayan Sir) with an introduction about the Reserve Bank of India. It is the entity that is the head or boss of the entire financial sector and thus, called as the Central Bank of India. It has been established under the RBI Act of 1934 and came into function from April 1, 1935. The central office (where the governer sits and the policies are formulated) was located in Kolkatta (formerly Calcutta) and in 1937, it has been moved to Mumbai (then Bombay). The present RBI governer is Sri Y V Reddy. RBI was privately owned when incorporated. However, it has been nationalized in 1949 and fully taken under the Government of India
The preamble of the RBI describes about its basic functions as
" regulate the issue of Bank Notes and keeping of reserves with a view to securing monetary stability in India and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country to its advantage."
Some important roles that the RBI plays are
  • Banker to the Government
  • Banker to the Banks
  • Control and Regulation of Banks and other Financial Intermediaries
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Issuer of Currency
  • Formulation and implementation of monetary policies*
  • Publications
* Fiscal policies are framed by the Government while Monetary policies are framed by the RBI
After the class, the OOB class continued where in we learnt about the various financial intermediaries that are operating in the market like Banks, Mutual Funds, Development Banks, Insurance Companies, NBFCs, etc under the organised sector and other entities/persons like money-lenders, bishis, nidhis, chit funds, pawn brokers, etc those fall under the unorganised sector. Its all a very interesting part that we study and I just love this. It has been a passion for me study finance and banking and I am very delighted about all this

And then, we continued with the interview preparation process. A deeper look into various aspects of interview and the types of questions that would be asked were being analysed alongwith some tips to answer them. Interviews, according to me, are a very funny thing. I personally feel that it depends a lot on the luck of a person. Sometimes, a dullurt who can just impress in 5 minutes of the process is lucky to get through even after doing all wrong things as the interviewer considers him as bold and honest. And sometimes, the best performer fails as the interviewer feels that he is overdoing. A lot depends on the interviewer's mood too. And also the lines of thought in which he is in. Those who can match those lines of thought are definitely better headed to get in. What appears as positive to someone can appear negative to someone else. It all depends
And after all this, we are now in the process of doing some lab work and research about interviews and HDFC Bank and its products, etc. And will continue with the ISAS activity of collecting newspaper articles soon

Signing off for the day

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Mr. Laxminarayan takes on...

Some more momentum gets added with the beginning of a new subject 'Financial Mathematics and Accounting (FMA)'. This will be dealt by Laxmninarayan sir who is a very experienced and very nice person. All began with financial accounting through an introduction to accounts, conventions, components, etc. Things were a little difficult for the non-commerce students to digest. I am not sure if they have digested it by now or not. That will be known by tomorrow. Accountancy has always been my favorite subject and that's something which I call as the sexiest thing on the earth

Yet another important event was scheduled to begin today. Its the preparation for the interview rounds of HDFC Bank. Those students who are interested as well as eligible can also try a hand with getting the career path with HDFC Bank too. The interview will be held shortly and some inputs are being given about the same. After the accountancy class, Rahul sir continued with these points and it was a general introduction to the process

I came to know just today that there are some people in our batch who are already allocated either ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank in their course offer letter itself. And the remaining students, including me, have to yet go through the selection process for the same. 3 students, all girls, have been placed into HDFC Bank. So, we already had starting doubting the HDFC Bank HRs :). I am yet to find out who is already into ICICI Bank

I have always had this dream of being a banker. And I always wanted to join a private sector bank due to the enormous growth opportunities as well as competitive nature of work. I have been eyeing ICICI as well as HDFC for a quite long time. I have been very keen on their developments and other things too. My area of interest is retail banking followed by asset management. Both have been a dream place to work, for me. Lets see where I land into

And yeah, today's review of yesterday's class was done well

From now, there is a need for me to concentrate on the upcoming interview. And yeah, after the class, we had this activity of newspaper reading to collect material for the ISAS presentations. And yes, not to forget, we had a classroom activity of analysing the cheques presented to us and sending them for collection through an appropriate process. Well, things are very interesting in banking. They are very complicated. However, for a person who looks deep and understands the process, he will love it (like me)

Those were all the highlights for the day. In fact, time has started moving faster. I was unable to blog from the institute. And thus, I had to come to this net centre to do it. I always believe that nothing should be kept pending, specially, something thats a daily routine. Else, it will only be a part of the next day and will never get the kind of attention that it needed. I was in the habit of procrastinating. But, I have completely overcome that with a lot of effort

That was the day. Time to sign off for the night

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My affairs with ISAS began for true...

Monday is back and we are on work at IFBI. Yes, we have been distributed into groups (5) and allotted a topic each. And we are supposed to give a presentation on the topic given to us. This activity is called as ISAS (Information Search and Analysis Skills). It forms an important part of the PGDBO course and has a value of rating too. It involves the task of searching through the newspapers, information, about the the topic given to us. We are supposed to take only the past 30 days reference and only in rare cases, permitted to go beyond it. Once all articles are collected, we need to assemble them in a scrapbook and hand it over to the faculty. After 2 days, we are also supposed to give a team presentation with a powerpoint show to the class. Everything in the process will be observed and rated accordingly

5 students are put in each team and there are 5 teams. I am in the 5th team alongwith Anil, Maruti, Aditya and Alex

The topics that are given are
  1. Rural Banking
  2. Impact of Technology on Service Industry
  3. Retail Revolution
  4. Relevance of Customer Service
  5. Housing Industry and Employment Growth
Our team, being 5th, has been assigned with the 5th topic- Housing Industry and Employment Growth. We are supposed to submit the scrapbook by 24 July (Thursday) and the presentation will be given on 28 July (Monday). Each person is expected to collect about 5 articles and speak for about 5 minutes. So, 5 people will be speaking for a total of about 25 minutes on 25 articles. Lot of fives in everything. Our team number too is 5

That was about the ISAS presentations

Further, the Monthly tests are scheduled to be held on 4th and 14th August. In the first test, the syllabus that will be covered is Basics of Information Technology (BIT), Financial and Mathematical Ananlysis (FMA) and Indian Financial System (IFS). The second test will take care of Overview of Banking (OOB) and also the 2 modules that we will be covering by e-learning through the Learning Management System (LMS) of IFBI, namely, Anti-Money Laundering and Law in Everyday Banking

So, all the busy schedule of life is going to get busier. And I am so happy for this

Well, the day began with a review of the previous day's learnings. The review was given by Anil. He was pretty confident and did a good job. Further, his drawbacks too were analysed and suggestions for improvement were offered. The banking class continued in which we dealt with Asset products like retail loans, overdrafts, letter of credit, etc

Signing off for the day

Monday, 14 July 2008

What a weekend...

Great days have just passed on... And greater days, I am sure, are about to come...

This weekend has been of great work and great fun...

Friday evening was a nice time. I had been to TCS to meet my friend, Siddalingesh Zalaki and also to canvass a sale to his friend, Mr Venkat. It was a fine time where I explained him abou the plans available with LIC and he was happy with things. Decision is awaited

Saturday morning began a little late and I stayed back at my room. I was there till the afternoon and then, in the evening, I was scheduled to go on to meet my friend Mallikarjun Swami who was leaving to Indi. He completed his BE at M S Ramiah College and he was packing back to his hometown. I was acompanied by Santosh Pujari who also happens to be my SSBJ friend. We met at the KSRTC bus stop. Santosh was also interested in getting some information about LIC which I explained. And then, after both left, I was supposed to go to Siddu's home and would be spending the night over there. I had the task to promote the LIC plans among his roommates. I reached over there and we had some good time. After food, I explained the plans to them. Response awaited. The night got a little extended upto 2 am

Sunday was a tighter day. I got up by 7 and went to Vijaynagar to meet Rajeev Hugar. He was a student of J G College of Commerce (a year senior to me) and currently working with Infosys BPO. Yet again, I did my duty of explaining the plans to him and his roommate Kiran who happens to be from Hubli. Response awaited

From there, I went on to meet Santosh who also stayed in Vijaynagar. We just had a detailed look into the plans. However, as he plans to go for an MBA in the coming days, things are a little dark

Soon, I got on to the bus. And yeah, I had not charged the cell battery for about 2 days and it was almost empty. I was constantly worried about it. So, I decided to go home. And the first thing that I did was to ensure that it is charged. Hmmm... Walking has been a tight job too. I have walked at least 4 to 5 kilometres by now. I had a quick bath and washed a couple of clothes that were used through a few days in the week. Soon, I got a call from Siddaling Swami who also is from SSBJ. He stayed in Vijaynagar. And I had to again rush back to Vijaynagar from Jayanagar. I was called for a business related talk. However, I was not much interested in it. By my behaviour, even they could make out that I was not interested and thus, nothing much was spoken

Soon, I was supposed to leave to Koramangala to meet Arif, a year senior at SSBJ, who is working for Accenture. And it was about 5.30 in the evening and the Bangalore roads had come to a standstill. I went on and I was at Koramangala by 7 pm. I met him and we just met for a casual talk. I spent some time there and finally left back on to the journey to Jayangar. There was a bus problem and I had to change 4 buses at each stop as the route was a little complicated. I could reach back by 9.30 pm and the great tiring day came to an end with this

For my luck, I had taken a bus pass in the morning. Else, it would be a costly affair. I was happy for the hard day. Sometimes, it so happens that a person starts enjoying pain. A similar thing happened with me too. I was in the bus moving towards Vijaynagar. I did not have a seat. Just then, a person got up to get down. However, another person ran to take the seat and I just left it off. I was happy standing. The next stop, a person beside me got up and I voluntarily left that seat to someone else. And I kept standing over the entire journey sacrificing seat for about 4 to 5 times. Foolish... Thats what you might feel when you read this. Yet, there was a kind of happiness when I did this. Still more foolish... :-)

Well, things keep happening in life which are very funny. Chalo, lets prepare our bags for the next week. One thing that I need to seriously concentrate upon is that I need to create some data pages which I can give to my the people to explain the plans. Though I explain and make people understand everything, some literature is definitely advantageous. So, I shall prepare all that at the earliest

That was all for the weekend moving across Bengaluru to promote some business. Results to be declared soon

Saturday, 12 July 2008

The week no.1 up...


We just completed 1 working week over here at IFBI and I am excited. Its been a great time altogether spent here with all the new things learnt, new people met and many many new things of life. Of course, not to forget getting up at 6 am, which has also become a new part of life. More than sadness for having not been able sleep cool as I did before, I am happy that I am back to the routine of life. Life is definitely a serious game which needs to be played in the right spirits with all the efforts. Breakfast of 1 plate idli for Rs 9 every day also has been an ingredient of daily life. Idli is one of the coolest thing we can consume for breakfast. Its plain, pure, simple, energy giving and cheap too. Tea breaks and coffee breaks to beat the sleep also have become a chilling part of this life. More importantly, responsibility has added up seriously. There is no way escaping anything. Performance is a must. The show must go on irrespective of whatever that happens. Unlike college days, there is no more leisure for excuses like I could not study, I could not understand, I will do it tomorrow, Its not my duty, etc. Everything has to be done and for anything skipped, be ready to pay the price for that. Yes, thats how a banker's life is. Heavy risks definitely lie on them. More than anything, they are risk managers. And we too have slowly started becoming the same

Things are moving quite good. We all are in a good pace. However, there is a definite need for more and more efforts. Efforts are something which can never be ignored. For whatever you do wherever and whenever, efforts are the prerequisite for anything and everything

Today was a fair day. We had only the banking class where different aspects like cheque collection, debit cards, credit cards, bills, etc which were discussed yesterday were summarized and presented. The presenter almost went like the Kolkata express. However, one thing that I really appreciate is that audience was paying attention. It is an inbuilt quality for most women that, irrespective of any fact, people find interest in listening to them. In another presentation about the Impress software which is a MS Powerpoint version in OpenOffice, the reviewer gave a good review of whatever was taught the previous day

One thing that I have noticed is that the MS PowerPoint is a better software than OO Impress. PPT is easier to use with good menu systems, nicely designed, easily accessible and nicely laid out. OOI lacks some of these features

Well, the day ended a little early as we did not have the computers class

We had the usual lab sessions to complete our practicals that went good too

Soon, there was an ICICI Bank executive who came to introduce and offer the education loans for the course that we are undergoing here. The fees comes to about Rs 66000 of which everyone has made a payment of Rs 34000. The remaining Rs 32000 could be taken as an education loan from the bank subject to its discretion. In some cases, they may also sanction Rs 66000 to those in need and satisfy the requirements

After all this, we went down to Spencers and Mr Raghavendra Rao gave us a treat with Bourbon biscuits, Horlicks biscuits and Maaza :-) Thanks to him for that and cheers...

That was all for the week

Signing off for a cool weekend. I'll be back soon

Friday, 11 July 2008

Walk the talk in Bengaluru...

If at all there would be a program screened as Walk the Talk in Bengaluru, there is not even the slightest doubt that I would be the host, co-host, guest, organizer, co-ordinator, audience, director or whatever for it. Hmmm... Heavy walking has begun up in life. Each time I move out my room, I need to walk for at least 2 kilometres to get a bus. And then, meeting the client at the place where he says. And reaching there in the right time. Even these IT parks too are not situated in places where buses reach. There too, I need to walk a kilometre or two to reach. Sometimes, tiredness adds up. Yet, it is not expected to affect performance at any cost. It was the usual day going around and meeting people to explain various life and health insurance products alongwith mutual funds too. The job is quite interesting. However, it is too tiresome. Further, the returns too are not that good. And the saddest part of all these is that the clients react in a very abnormal manner. 99 times, they are unwilling to buy the product. And we keep dying to find the 100th person

Things have definitely taken a serious phase now. Having spent a week in Bengaluru at my own cost, I have realised I need to beat this inflation and ensure that I earn. As it is told, Selling is a necessary evil. We can not avoid it either. After all, everything in life is selling only. Even when a boy proposes a girl or vice versa, they are selling themselves at the cost of getting back the same love from them. Whether they get or not decides whether the sale was profitable or not. Well, selling happens at each and every levels. As we are in the lower part of the hierarchy, we need to walk around. The people on the upper end conduct board meeting, conferences, etc to make tie-ups and call it as business association, etc. After all, its all selling. So, there is now a need for me to reach a larger volume of clients. As the ratio of persons ready to get on with an insurance policy for them is lower, the only way to get higher clients is to reach higher number of people. I am making every effort to explore the networks and meet up. However, in a day, how many people can I meet? 2 or maximum 3. Moreover, on the week days, no one is ready to give an appointment either. All prefer weekends. And by the time weekend comes, they are off with party plans, home tours, etc :-). There is nothing to feel bad about it. After all, this is what is life. A person will only do such things which are necessary and important now. Insurance and investments will become necessary only at the end of the year :-)

Things are moving in a OK type of fashion. I feel, in another 8-10 days, I will be able to exactly know how much can I benefit from this decision of making a serious effort for LIC business in Bengaluru. Till then, let the efforts keep going into the mission and lets see how far things will work. I personally feel that thigs will work. However, the only issue is of time. As I always keep writing, the only problem that I am facing right from the time I am born is of TIME. Dekehenge, kahaan le jaati hai jindagi ki yeh gaadi. For the moment, I am feeling totally exhausted for all the walking that I did all through the day and even through the week. Let me move to my bed now. Good night India

Thursday, the 10th of July 2008...

Life is getting busier with each passing moment. Not only the responsibilities are stacking up, but also the expectations have risen. Expectation at work, at class, at everywhere. And now, I am supposed to work like a computer without a margin for any error, here too. Things have taken a little serious turn at IFBI too. With each day beginning with morning lectures from any student who will be chosen randomly, everyone has become more serious. Further, the speed at which the academic bus is moving, it appears as though we are in a spacecraft. A chapter or two get completed each day. When I sat seriously and gave a thought, we are learning a year's college syllabus in just 2-3 months. And the expectation is much higher than the college. All these days, knowledge would be judged only during exams. However, the time has now come when it is judged every moment. We are expected to remember all that we have learnt all through the life. And it is a serious issue. Thats called professional life

I am happy that I have made a good number of friends over here. Most of the student here are from different places. There are many from Andhra and some from Assam, MP, Kerala and various parts of the nation. Its a nice feeling to mingle up with all these persons of varied backgrounds. While some are BCom graduates, there are many who are MBAs, BEs, BTechs, BScs, etc. So, there is a lot of diversity. And to ensure that we have an unity in this diversity, I have created an orkut community at and requested everyone to join over there

One of my new friends, Raghavendra, was called up for the surprise presentation today. He is a happy jolly cool kind of a guy and it was a big surprise for him too. Though he felt a little nervous in the beginning, all went well in the latter part and he gave a good show

A little seriousness has added up in me too. I had my luch and went back to the labs to complete all the assignments. However, due to certain reasons, the lab was closed by 3.30 pm and I moved out. I completed whatever best possible from me. There are just a few more exercises that remain, which I shall get tomorrow. I could not blog from the institute due to time bounds. I could not even ignore the activities and blog, like I did all these days. Thats why I said, things have become more serious. I call it a day for now. I have plans to get back and read for some more time. However, the need to get up might supress this plan. Lets see. Signing off for the day

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Chale Chalo...

After a couple of days of initial effort, I feel, I have slowly adapted to the system. All has become a part of life. Getting up early by 6, having a bath, walking to the classes after a breakfast on the way, attending the early morning computer class which has become a real problem due to the amount of boredom created by it, then a class on banking studying the same things which I have been doing all through the past couple of years, lab sessions where I keep sending more emails rather than doing the assignments and then, moving back to the different tasks. Today at least, I fell asleep in the class. There's nothing special to mention about. This is just the 3rd day and we need to spend 3 months in the same kind of a life. Though its getting a little boring (rather much), I believe, slowly, things might change. I was given a student number today. My number is 4010800292

Thats all for the day. I think, I will soon move from here and go ahead with different tasks for the day

Signing off...

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Puneet from Bengaluru...

6th July 2008, thats the day when I reached Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka to make some of my dreams come true. Dreams are many. However, the first and foremost thing required to accomplish anything on this place called as earth is money. Money is everything to a maximum extent. So, I need to earn this. Further, I have decided that I am going to do the LIC business very seriously and I am determined to sell 200 policies this financial year. I have not even sold a single policy till now. Yet, the instinct continues. I have been meeting some people in the past 2 days and a lot of them get free time only on the weekend. Life is getting tougher and more challenging too. And its time to accept these challenges and shoot strong. Lets see what God has in store for me. I have been contacting a lot of persons by email for helps from them in reaching my goals. And I await their responses too eagerly...

De Taali... The clapping continues...

The clapping continues...

The day began a little late. While I was awake by 5.40 am, I lazily lied down till 6.30 am and my body not ready to support me to move on. Tiredness had added up a lot due to heavy walking undertaken by me yesterday. I had walked at least 10 kilometres for sure. After everything, I moved out of the PG by 7.30 am and reached the restaurant for breakfast, had a couple of idlis and reached the institute in time. A new faculty, Mr. Nagesh took the class of Basics of Information Technology. It was all the same word, powerpoint and all such stuff that was to read. The only difference being that we would be using instead of Microsoft Office. As MS Office is a software that we need to purchase, organizations prefer as it is a freeware. Its almost the same with some small deviations

After that, we had a small class on Banking again and then practicals followed

The usual college type life is back now. Yeah, some fun too has begun. I was caught chatting and warned :(
Hmmm... Alls a part of life... Lets see how the progress continues...

For the moment, I am logging off for the day

Monday, 7 July 2008

Day 1 at IFBI Bangalore going cool...

7th July 2008 is the date and I was up by 6 am. After a quick shave and bath, I got into my clothes (obviously) and began my march from #209/A, 7th Main, 10th Cross, Byrasandra, Bengaluru to the destination where I had to join for the new beginning called as a professional life, a life which I have been dreaming from years together. Well, even this kind of a life is beginning with the usual student life. As always known, its always education first and then work. Its the Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance Training Limited at 74-2, 1st Floor, Sanjana Plaza, Elephant Rock Road, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bengaluru where I was selected to join a course titled Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations to get the passport to a banking job into any of the private sector banks, namely ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, upon successful completion of the course. I shall be here in this arena for about 3 months and these shall form an important part of the job that I am going to do. And these few days might also be an important part to define the future path of my life too

Well, I reached the institute and got into the classroom by 7.45 am. The class was supposed to begin at 8 am. And it began. It was a highly experienced person, Mr Rahul, who appeared about 40 years old (but he is actually more than 50) who worked with Syndicate Bank for 25 years before taking the benefit of VRS in 2002. Further, he practiced law for 4 years and then he is with IFBI since its inception in December 2006. I was happy and glad to be associated with such rich people. People with rich experience are the real rich ones

It began with the usual introduction of all the students. We were about 20 in this batch. And soon, the books opened. The first lesson began with the evolution of money and banking system. They were quite good. Everyone was asked to read and explain some paragraphs. And I was highlighted for giving a good explanation for what I read. And yeah, got a round of applause too. Thank you. Thank You. :). Good omen for a good beginning. The classes went on and on. And then, we were asked to practice computers for the rest of the day. And the lesson to practice is Internet. So, I just thought, let me make the best use of this time and decided to write something as Priyanka had suggested

The race has begun...!!!

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

An insurance agent's life...

Having been an Insurance Agent from about 2 years, there is a lot that I have found and learnt too. Life has been very difficult as an insurance agent for LIC. LIC enjoys a great brand name and huge trust amongst everyone. Everyone has got a good number of LIC policies and that makes the task of selling these policies very herculian. Its a little ackward feeling to be an insurance agent. Everyone knows that we are going to make them buy a policy and they are going to lose money and we are going to earn commissions. So, generelly, a life insurance agent is unwelcome. Yet, we need to push ourselves, keep a smile and go on. If not, things wont work. No one really understands that we are people who are on a work based pay. While the employees earn irrespective of their effort or work, we earn only if we work

I have been observing people beahving strangely when asked to buy policies. But one thing is definite, they will definitely buy it. Because, it is a need for life and it will definiltely be bought. If not from the person who is asking him, he will get it from the next person who asks him. So, agents defintely need to be forceful. There have been situations where I just ignored as I got hurt by the kind of reaction that I got. But then, later, they bought the same policies from some other agent as I gave up. So, its like we are standing naked for everything. And whatever is said, we have to accept it and go on. Some friends take us as a burden too. And so, I stopped asking my friends for policies. And guess what happened, they took it from other agents. Nothing is really known about this field exactly. Sometimes, I feel, we just need to keep pushing. There is some resistance in the initial time. And when we keep pushing more, it is definitely done- the sale. Most people follow this approach. However, I have been unable to totally follow this. I have been trying but I give up very soon. I feel, the customer should buy on his own. And by the time the customer feels that he should buy and come to me, someone else has already sold it to him. In this way, I have been lazing the past 10 months for the welfare of my customers. And guess what, I have got ZERO customers. Now, the question is, if I continue this way, will I succeed? Honestly, I must. However, the market penetration of LIC and its network is so strong that the moment you give a little gap, someone else takes the perfect advantage of it

I am reviving all this for some time now. I have been making a lot of effort to find out the ways to restart the LIC business which has become dormant. It was so easy to start. But, I am struggling and its becoming impossible to restart it. As said, a person realises the value of something only when he loses it. I really dont understand, for what foolish reason did I stop this business. I have been canvassing and meeting and mailing hnundreds of people. However, I have not completed even a single sale. I have been thinking that the response will come from the customer. I wait. And later, when I ask, I always get the answer that the sale is over. I feel bad. I kept feeling bad in the same way. And finally, one day, the interest was lost

Now, I have realised that no one buys insurance. It has to be sold

And everyone becomes a customer. The earlier we catch, the higher is the chance to make him our customer

There is a need to be open for everything, yes, everything. And become a little hardcore seller too. And now, I have set myself a target of 200 policies for the FY 2008-09. Yes, 200 by March 31, 2009. And I have 270 days to go

And I am going to do it in style!!! I will meet as many people as possible each day. I shall pass on all the information about insurance and investments. I shall give them numerous options. Its going to be totally professional. I shall track back and ensure that the prospects turn into clients as soon as they are satisfied

Its time to shoot now... And I am ready for the shot...