Thursday, 30 October 2008

Getting younger with each passing moment...

It has been observed by a large number of people that I have undergone some change in the way I look. I was just wondering what it was. And today, I just happened to look across some photographs of past. And I must say, yes, there is quite some change happening. Lets analyse

This was a shot taken at Sanjeevini Gardens somewhere in February 2008

This is in March 2008 while on the way to Bhopal for my SSB interview

This one is at the SSB interview at Bhopal. Hmmm... One of the ugliest shot

This is at J G College, sometime in April 2008

This one was taken at J G College almost towards the end of my BCom. This seems like a bookie sitting between 2 betting teams

This is the last day at J G College and can perhaps be called as a beginning of a change, a change that I have been longing to get. A change that I was aspiring to turn around my life. I wanted to break out of the shuckles and make a lot of effort towards life

This is one of the earliest outing at Bengaluru. This one was taken at Lalbagh. And in this too, I look the same old uncle type

And this picture, perhaps, is the one, which entirely tells a different story. It was after 2 and a half months of living at Bengaluru and getting heavily busy with life and life's activities. Work had become the primary motto and nothing else except it comes to mind

Hmmm... Some cutiepie looks start peeping in. It was this day during book review competition that I got a comment that I am growing younger with each passing moment. Even I could experience that. A lot of positive energy had started to flow in and I had given up laziness. I was also termed as a machine for the way I approached life and work

And this, finally, is at the last day celebrations. It was a true transformation that I have undergone in there 3 and half or 4 months period. From July 7 to October 24 2008, days have been adding a lot of value to my personality in every angle. I am glad that these days came in my life at the right time when I was in need of them. A positive moulding has happened. A man grows with experience as his way of seeing the world broadens and the broader perspective helps him to move on in the right paths

Well, changes keep happening in life. And I am very glad to find these changes in my life. The problem that used to face in Hubli was that I could never put my thoughts into action. However, this new place gave an opportunity for that. And more importantly, getting support from the faculty who are encouraging was a the biggest boost to my morale. I was very happy and comfortable as I could be with like minded people who have the same objective of moving up life without worrying about anything silly and wasting time around. The greatest disadvantage of staying in Hubli was the narrow minded approaches that restricted my life and I could never open up to make my dreams come true. To put it in the simplest way, people here laugh and make fun of you when you say that you want to do MBA from IIM. In fact, living here, we cant even dare to think about it. The hindrance is so high. But today, with everything that has been happening and with all kinds of people I have been seeing, my hands are streching beyond them and these dreams have no boundaries

As I always keep singing the Nescafe Open Up song which goes this way

You can be rich, with no money to spend.
You can do everything, when you understand.
You can be mother, when your are man.
Open up, you know that you can.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.

The key is inside you, to open your mind.
You know what is out there, your heartcan't be blind.
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Open your thoughts, don't stay behind.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.

You raise all the borders, and start in your head.
Open your mind, to thoughts ?
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Open your thoughts and don't stay behind.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.
Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
open up, open up,
And after a big gap of over 3 years, the time has come that I have opened up with the great support of a great environment. Even after knowing the importance of this and after efforts too, I could never do that. It had been the biggest hindrance for me. And now, I believe, I have broken open and things are going better

I welcome Globalization into my life

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Am I becoming a movie buff...

Over time, I have been observing that I am finding interest in watching movies at theatres. In fact, the frequency of watching movies has gone up tremendously. Over years, I would hardly spare any time or money for this purpose. However, in the past couple of months, the trend has changes completely. I used to go only for such movies which are superhits and that after a lot of pestering by my friends. However, things have changed now

To make an analysis,

I went to a movie Mussanje Maatu, starring Sudeep and Ramya which turned on to be a superhit, on the occassion of my friend's birthday on July 2 at Sri Lakshmi Shakti Theatre, Hubli from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
And then, I moved on to Bengaluru in a week

After a couple of weeks, I saw the movie Bachna Ae Haseeno starring Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Minisha Lamba and the dazzling Deepika Padukone at Urvashi Cinemas, Bengaluru from 3 pm to 5.30 pm

And soon, I could find me seeing the much awaited movie of the year Hello based on the nation's best selling novel by Chetan Bhagat- One Night @ The Call Centre starring the mighty Salman Khan, Sharman Joshi, Sohail Khan, Amrita Arora, Isha Koppikar and Katrina Kaif at Inox Movies, Swagat Garuda Mall, Bengaluru from 6.50 pm to 9.30 pm

Before the effect of this magical movie would dry, I was watching Karzzz starring Himesh Reshammiya, Urmila and Shweta at Inox Movies, Swagat Garuda Mall, Bengaluru from 10 am to 12.30 pm

Further, the next one was Kidnap starring Imran Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Minisha Lamba at Apsara Theatre, Hubli from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm

And today, I am at it again. I just watched the movie Sangam starring the golden star Ganesh and Vedhika at Sri Lakshmi Theatre, Hubli from 3 pm to 5.30 pm. So, 6 movies in 4 months. And 4 of them coming this month alone

Well, something is definitely happening

Further, there are very strong plans for watching the second innings of my favorite movie Golmaal Returns. In fact, everyone knows that it is going to be rocking and also that I just loved Golmaal, I have a good number of proposals. I have watched the 1st version, ie, Golmaal, not less than 50-60 times. Its one of the loveliest movies ever made. Lets see what this version will give. Further, a Karan Johar venture, Dostana is up next and I dont think I will miss it. I have seen K3G and KHNH in the theatres. So, this one too, for sure, will be seen. Whats happening!!!

Lifestyle is on a change and so is life. Preferences, choices, priorities, etc are on a shuffle

Lets see where things take off and where will they land

Friday, 24 October 2008

Over, Over, Over... Over and Out...

Lamhe yeh suhaane, ho na ho...
Kal phir aaj jaisi koi baat, ho na ho...
Jindagi bhar yaad aayenge yeh pal...
Chaahe poori umar mulaqat, ho na ho...

We have come to the final day of life at IFBI. Its been a great journey of about 3 months and 3 weeks of learning banking under some great faculty at a wonderful institution as this. Some great life and experiences have been added in this journey and it is all worth treasuring forever. A lot of learning has taken place in life personally as well professionaly. The head, heart as well as the soul have got a revival to certain extent. Further, learning the banker's life which is a responsible task was a great fun

We had the final test, MT-7, today. It was the ASBO (Application Software for Banking Operations), i.e., Finacle. It was a surprise package as 5 students scored a centum. Yes, 100% marks. I could manage about 83% only. In fact, our faculty had been saying that, in every batch, there will be 2 or 3 centums. In our batch, there was no such score in the 6 MTs. And getting 100% in Finacle was an impossibility. But then, things have been quite surprising

Our faculty has been appreciating our batch because of our innovative approaches to things. Further, we have developed a very positive rapport and emotional binding with them

Under the able leadership of our Koganti, Sajja and Alex, a closing ceremony was conducted. Some celebrations were organized. One among them was the prepaid birthday celebrations of Raju and Vibha which would fall due this month

All the students were given some titles. Even I got an official title as "Silent Killer". I also got the honour of being called The Machine, Business Minded and Cash Box. Thank you

There was a rating session. All the students and faculty were given a rating sheet to select some bests in each trait. Well, I found the biggest amusement when I was chosen as "Mr. Interactive" by the faculty. If the students were to chose it, I guess, I would have got the opposite title. There was a partial student voting as well. Only God knows how anyone voted for me over that. I think, people got confused thinking that interactive means the one who speaks well

A great video show was organized. The video showed a Jhalak of lifestory here. It was simply great. I shall try to put it up here soon

Soon, tears started flowing out of some eyes and some helping hands went on to wipe them off. I managed to control my laughter seeing them and managed to move out soon. Though I must say that I will miss this place

Remaining part will continue. I am feeling sleepy

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Anything but love... An awesome play...

We had been to a play titled Anything But Love starring Suman Soni and Mandira Bedi. Yes, Mandira Bedi. Hmmm... I was glad to even imagine that I will be seeing her with my naked eyes. Initially, I was with a no no for the show. But soon, it became a yes yes. The play was planned as a part of the ongoing Times Bangalore Festival. I never had an idea of what kind of play it would be. But the moment it began, I was shocked. It was going to be a great fun watching it. More than watching, listening to it

I just collected some brief description about the play on the net for easier understanding
Meet Anish and Seema. Anish is just like any other man, hopelessly insecure, occasionally funny, conspicuously jealous, supposedly logical, thinks black and white, believes that women make bad drivers, is unable to come to terms with growing older, still thinks everything is not lost

And Seema is like any other woman, hopelessly optimistic, vaguely focused, compulsively emotional, supposedly more mature, thinks white and black, believes that men make bad lovers, is unable to come to terms with growing older, and still thinks better days are yet to come

One fine day, five long years after their divorce, Anish and Seema bump intoeach other in a restaurant. The play looks at this estranged couple’s story after the fated meeting in the restaurant

Does life give them a second chance? Do they conform? Between gay psychiatrists and second spouses will they choose to be with each other? Or will they let bygones be bygones? “ANYTHING BUT LOVE” is supposed to be laced with humour that further blends with a stilling poignancy to take its audience on a journey that they are not likely to forget

I had a real blast listening to the beautiful conversations. The attitude shown by both of them and the expressing things at the perfect moment in a great way was just awesome

All the dirty talk on various topics was fun to listen. They have been performing this act for more than 130 times and there is good rapport between them

All in all, it was a splendid time

Song recording by Puneet...

Today was just another day for us here at IFBI. There was some  revision of question bank for the test tomorrow. And then, we sat speaking about life after IFBI. The old topics of who we are going to miss whom & why and all that hunky funky stuff was re-initiated. I, for sure, knew that 2-3 years down the line, anyone would hardly even remember anyone else. May be, if we can keep in touch with 10% (2-3 people), it would be a great thing

And then, bored, I got a mic and earphone and got into the act of singing songs & recording them. On hearing them back, I felt, I am not a bad singer. It was good

Signing off for the day

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

And the slam book arrives...

I got up late again and got late for the 1st class. However, I attended the later part of the class. Today too, there was just one class. There was a revision session and then, we attempted to answer all the questions that were available in the excercises of every chapter

That was all for the day

Autograph books and slam books are back in to picture after a long time. In SSBJ, it was the biggest celebration. I still remember spending all night writing these books. And that too, it began in December and went on till May. So, almost 6 months of writing. That is something, I believe, that has made me understand people and study them

Even I have bought nice slam book and now, it is in circulation. That is all that has been happening over the day and I believe, will happen tomorrow as well. We have the final test on the day after tomorrow and it will all come to an end with this

Signing off for the day

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

12 policies per annum...

IRDA has made it mandatory for all the insurance agents to register a minimum of 12 policies per annum to retain their license. I have been licensed into this business from October 16, 2006. And my second year as an Insurance Advisor with the nation's largest insurer has just come to an end. In the first year, I was a supershot performer and I was able to register more than 75 policies. However, in the second years, things have been quite dull. With the withdrawal of LIC Money Plus, there has been a slowdown. Further, the hot selling ULIPs have also not been doing well and thus, even I did not personally feel like to suggest someone to buy them. The markets have been drowing and diving deeper and deeper with each passing day. Further, due to my involvement in college activites and also this being the final year at college, I have ignored my work. Its only off late that I decided to restart. Even now, I am unable to give it my best due to other commitments of life. I just wanted to ensure that I complete 12 policies before 16 October. And yes, it happened. I completed 12 policies and had a sigh of relief and felt very happy

But soon, an issue came up. The IRDA rule says that we must insure at least 12 lives, which means, 12 different persons. However, in my case, I have a customer who has taken 2 policies. Hence, though I have 12 policies registered, the lives that I have been able to cover is just 11. An immediate need for another policy arose

And the last date too got over. However, I got an extension for another 15 days and I was asked to complete this before the end of October

By God's grace, I have been able to make up for this and the license is almost retained :-)

I thank all my clients and friends for the help they have extended to me in this endeavor

Turned Off even being Turning On...

There was just one class today and it hardly went on for half an hour. We have almost finished up everything. By 9 am, classes were over and we just sat down speaking about life at IFBI and also after it. Some time pass went on till lunch. Dull life

Signing off for the day

Monday, 20 October 2008

Let the time move ahead of me quickly...

Hmmm... Things have almost come to an end. The syllabus too is up. There are hardly a few more pages to go. Just pulling along. The class got over by 11 am and we went ahead with Finacle practice

Signing off for the day

Friday, 17 October 2008

The real test gets over...

The MT-6 on Corporate & International Banking (CIB) and Rural & Micro Finance (RMF) has just been concluded and it has gone fine. It was a real test. The questions were really challenging due to their vague character. One of the toughest test that I faced. I was at least thinking whether I would clear it or not. In between, I was so frustrated that I just gave it up for 2 minutes and took a breath and lied off on the computer table

I thought how big a shame would it be if the computer screen declared me fail. But then, by God's grace, its over with a good score too and that's something to be really happy about

Signing off for the day

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Classes and revisions classes...

The attendance for the day was quite thin. Initially, we assumed that the classes would be cancelled for hardly 5 people were present. It so happens that a lot of people remain absent on the day before exam with a purpose of studying at home. And with my experience, I have seen that such people end up sleeping rather than studying. Well, this clause is applicable to ordinary humans and not to extraordinary people who might read the books several times. Soon, 3 to 4 people joined. On waiting for another few minutes, the strength reached a good count and the class began. There were some small portions to be covered . It was just a couple of pages for all the 3 faculty. All that was covered by 11 am

And then, we had a revision of the syllabus and discussed some important questions, etc. I got to know one particular fact that this test will be a real test and it will be tough and challenging. Lets see what results come tomorrow. I guess the reason for this belief is also because I have lost the passion for what I am doing

Signing off for the day

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

CIB RMF go away, come again never rey...

Its a real tough situation that is happening in the classes. Nothing goes into the head. Everything bounces out and out and out. After a lot of explanation, it appears as though things are clear. I guess I have lost the mood. There have been a lot of other things happening in life over which I am brooding. Things have gotten worse on a personal front. In life, nothing, nothing and nothing is clear. Topics of International Banking like export finance, bills, TTs, transfers, credit management, foreign exchanges, forwards, futures, options, swaps. etc are just taking us to the height of it. I am just feeling like when at least will Friday come and we will get rid of these subjects. In fact, the exam was scheduled today. However, due to excessive syllabus, we could not make up for it. So, it has been postponed to Friday

In the class and after the class, I did not do anything much. I attempted the practice test, got up half way and called it a day

Signing off for the day

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana... Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana...

The lyrics that I wrote in my yesterday's blog post are more relevant today. Things appear to have gotten dull and worse from every angle. Today might soon be a significant day of my life at IFBI. Over 3 months and 1 week spent here, a lot of things have been adding to life. While most have been value additions, there are some of the other kinds too. I remember today, words of Bala sir, "Every human is bad, selfish and worst from their mind. Whatever good is done by us is just to show it to the world. Else, we are all built to be bad. It takes a huge effort to cleanse our mind, thoughts and our soul of all the dirt in us". I did not believe these words when I heard but soon, I knew that there was a lot of truth in it. He gave a clue of the show, Moment of Truth, where a father runs out from circus when there is fire but comes back to save his child as soon as he recognizes that the child in inside. The point is we run for our life immediately and then we think of others, be it whoever. In fact, I have been observing one peculiar thing in me. I just speak out whatever I feel. Be it good, be it bad. I always speak out on the first shot, if it is something bad so that it is put out and it doesn't remain in me. Bad thoughts must always get out of the mind at the earliest

Coming back to the day, it started off quite well with a Rural Banking class. The syllabus too got over today. And then, a class on commodity markets was followed by a class by Bala sir on some subject which I am not getting on my memory now

And then, an issue rose up. My yesterday's teasing Sivakumar was used to fuel fire in him against me. I did not understand what was happening but  I could see some strange reactions. Anyways, I have this habit of speaking out whatever comes in my mind. There is no hesitation to correct myself if I went wrong. So, I rung Sivakumar and told asked him if he felt bad but on the contrary he told, he enjoyed whatever I did. I was dumbstruck and went to the lab. Just before I could enter, I heard some people discussing some gossips & comments on me. I stayed out and heard. It was the regular yada vada that I am close to teachers, so they may give advantage for me, they gave good marks for me, so I have lot of ego, I don't speak properly with anyone, etc, etc. So, I did not enter the lab. I am happy to learn what people think of me. There was nothing for which I got upset or felt bad. I always follow a principle when it comes to dealing with problems put up by 3rd parties into my life
There are 2 things when someone says something about you
1. He is telling the truth. Accept it. Improve. Be happy
2. He is lying. Ignore him. Be happy
So, I dont get bothered with comments on me except the ones who I believe are truly my well wishers. Rather, I welcome them

As I said yesterday and as expected, Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana, Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana. And a lot has happened in one day

Signing off for the day

Monday, 13 October 2008

An escape from chicken...

Yesterday, I had an amazing escape from chicken. I was in my room for the entire day. There was no work at all. I had been sleeping, lying, lazing around the whole day. I also had some tough time fighting for unnecessary reasons with my family. I did not even have my food properly. In fact, I dont know how my food habits are? Somedays, I find myself in Pizza Huts, Pizza Corners, McDonalds, Good restaurants, etc. While some days, I finish up things at the bakery. Sometimes, I have a shot at Pani Puri stalls. Sometimes, its the sweet shops. And sometimes, juice shops. The same keeps happening often. I keep having 2-3 juices at a times for breakfast. For dinner, I eat apple cakes. I really dont find anything to take me a right diet line or regular food habits. Usually, thats what happens when you are not at home. Even this is a kind of fun

So, after eating some jalebis, samosas, pani puris, etc the whole day, I finally decided to go for dinner. And this landed me at a hotel named Trendz where I ordered for a parota. I was given parota with curry. I was a lot tensed due to some problems. I took a piece of parota and dipped it in the curry. And took it out and the parota was almost near my lips. And suddenly, I stopped. I dont know why. I called the waiter for some water. And the water came. And then, I continued. The same thing repeated this time too. I was about to eat it and I suddenly stopped. I called the waiter again. And this time, I dont really understand how this miracle happened, I asked him, "Is this curry vegeterian?". I just did not believe myself that I had asked this question. The reason being that I was totally lost thinking about some other issue. And when I am in some thought, no other thing comes to my mind. I am really thankful to God for somehow getting this situation. The waiter responded that it was chicken curry. I asked him to change it immediately. I took another plate. The waiter refused to take the plate back as I had already cut it. However, I told him that I will be paying for both. And then, a parota with veg curry was served to me which I had

And then, I went to a bakery and ordered for a veg puff. I dont know why I did that. The puff came and it was the last piece. Wow! Daane daane pe likkha hota hai khane waale ka naam. But I never wanted to have this puff as it was totally out of order. It was night 11 and God knows how many days back it was prepared. I just kept it back and paid for that too

Hmmm... Great things happen with great people

And yes, I had been to this movie Hello on saturday. It was a great one. The movie is based on Chetan Bhagat's One Night @ The Call Center. It starred Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Sohail Khan and others. Everything was exactly the depiction of the book including dialogues. The only difference was that it was actor Salman Khan in place of author Chetan Bhagat. I loved it. We had been to Inox for the movie. I was just wondering about the price. Not that it was costly. But compared to the share prices of Inox, it definitely was. Inox is trading at 40 levels these days. So, one ticket is worth buying 5 shares :-)

I enjoyed the movie

Eyyy... Waat izz your problyem yaar? The Controversy...

A famous song goes this way
Jindagi ek safar hai suhaana
Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana
Why am I saying this? In fact, even I am cluless why I said that. Perhaps, I dont have anything to tell. Its the same classes at the same time from the same people listening the same stories. Nothing much to say either. I missed out writing about some great happenings on Frida
We were all going for lunch together. And then, our great friend Sivakumar offered that we must go for something special today. Everyone agreed. He wanted to take us to a non vegeterian restaurant. I denied for I am a vegeterian. And then, I was told that we get vegeterian too there. Soon, we were off. Off where? Roads were lost. And finally found and refound. And then, we were before a non veg restaurant. And seeing it, Bineet and I could not withstand ourselves. We clearly said that we are not coming. Though we requested everyone to continue, none went. Everyone decided to get back and we were soon before Shanti Sagar. And here, there was another issue. Some started hesitating to get in. So, I suggested another nearby restaurant. Sivakumar was very frustrated. After all, his plan was foiled. In fact, even after everyone being offered to go to that non-veg restaurant, no one did. However, the blame came on me as I was the first to quit. So, he got angry and said to me, "Eyyy... waat iz your problyem yaar?"

No issues

Coming back, finally, we decided to go to Shanti Sagar. And it took so long that Raghu could not bear the delay and already had idli vada. We went on and took a south Indian thali. Sivakumar, God knows what special thing was on for him today, ordered for a Kashmiri rice. In fact, we thought he has ordered for Kashmir itself. On listening to this, Sivakumar got angry and said, "Eyyy... waat iz your problyem yaar?"

The food was soon on the table. I am a sweet crazy person. So, as usual, my tussle to snatch a bite from everyone was on. Seeing me, people felt a little ackward. Sweets were offered to me so that I can control myself and keep quiet. But then, who bothers. We dont fall in the categoy of people who live for others. I never do anything to impress others. Whatever I do is an act to express myself. So, my tussle went on even after this

The bill arrived soon. And before anyone could realise, our king Sivakumar had already made the payment. On asking if he really sponsored it, he angrily replied- "Eyyy... waat iz your problyem yaar?"

I kept quiet. And then the waiter came back with the change. A couple of notes and coins. Sivakumar picked up the notes. The coins were a little away and not reachable. So, I picked them and handed over to him. And again, Sivakumar says, "Eyyy... waat iz your problyem yaar?"

It was then I understood that he had intentionally left the coins as tips. Hmmm... Poor Puneet

I dont understand what is my problem. Had I knew, I would explain it to him

And then, while moving back, I had another nice tussle with Naveen too

Back to IFBI, we sat in the lab. And I was off from my seat for a moment. Immediately, my system was captured and a mail was composed to be sent to everyone. I was afraid and ran to my system. And before I could stop, Raghu, Naveen, Raju, Gopi and everyone caught me in such a way that I could not move. Oh God! God knows what was being composed from my mailbox. I shouted out like hell. Such loud that our teachers were in lab in a moment and fired everyone. I was still not in control of my system and sir left. I was pulled out again and this time, 2 or 3 hands went inside my mouth. Chi chi chi... So bad. I think it was Raghu's hand that went in. Even then, I managed to shout. And this time, it was so loud that the issue became too serious. Bala sir was in within the next moment and he fired everyone. Shameless people, even then, they did not stop till the mail was sent. Things settled. And I went to my system to see what mail was sent. It was just a small mail teasing me. And I thought, why did I shout so much for this? In fact, if I was told, I only would have sent it

Life is such an exciting journey. As lot of crazy stuff keeps happening. And with crazy people around you, its a tough task to escape from pranks. In fact, its only this day that I was on the other side of the table. Else, I keep troubling everyone always

And yeah, I forget to mention one important thing. Sivakumar did not sponsor the lunch. He had just made the payment and he asked the guys to give it back to him after coming out of the restaurant. Guys only. Now, my question is, "Eyyy... waat iz your problyem yaar?"

Nothing written above should be taken to heart. All names and characters are imaginary only. Any relation with anyone living or dead will be purely called coincidence. The author is not responsible for any damage

Signing off for the day

PS: This post was written in total agony. I had some anger on myself for some reason and was totally disgusted with what was happening in life. Somehow, unfortunately, I took out my anger wrongly on others

Friday, 10 October 2008

Hmmm... 2 more weeks to go...

Well, today is a day that has added to our knowledge that we shall be here for another 2 weeks. On 24th of this month, the last MT will be held and our classroom training comes to an end. A sad news is that Rahul sir has been posted to Mysore for the next two weeks. So, today is the last time we met him. There might be coincidences in the coming days. If not, its sad to say that it was the last time during the course. Of course, we are going to stay in touch. But still, there is some pain regarding total uncertainty about the job prospects & future. The Rural Banking and International Banking classes went on today as usual

Signing off for the day

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

On and on and on and on...

Classes are on a good move. A good volume of Corporate and International Banking is yet to be covered for the forthcoming MT-6 on 15th of this month. CIB is one subject which involves a lot of serious study. The topics are a little difficult to understand. Specially those topics that involve foreign exchange, etc. Its taking a lot of time and toll

Signing off for the day

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Job related issues take a serious insight...

A lot of time was spent to discuss about the job related issues. Whether we will be joining ICICI Bank or will the HDFC interviews ever happen? And if yes, when? When shall we be joining? Where will we be posted? Whats the further process? And so on. The questions kept rising. A mood of depression prevailed in the class when a lot of people got disheartened to listen that the HDFC interviews might never happen. A good number of people have joined solely for the HDFC offer. It was a very tough time for many people who borrowed money and came in to this course. There were some cases where in people have resigned previous jobs as well. In fact, I am not much hurt by this as I have convinced myself of this negative news some 2 months back when the HDFC interviews were put on hold. But deep in my heart, there are other issues that have taken priority. I am looking for ways to resolve them. These issues have taken priority over the main issue. Lets see where we go

Signing off for the day

Monday, 6 October 2008

Rock On... Hai Yeh Waqt ka Ishaara...

I am back to Bengaluru and things have begun again. I reached Bengaluru around 8 am and then, I went to my room for a wash and change. I reached IFBI at 9.30 am. The foreign exchange classes and corporate banking classes continued the whole day. I just had lunch too and came back for the lab session

Signing off for the day

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Puneet at Hubballi...

Yes, its true and its happening here. I am back to my home town after almost 3 months and its a great feeling. Though, due to couple of reasons, I was resisiting to come, things have taken a better shape now. Thats why I always say, when a problem comes, go, go near to it, go nearer to it, face it, give it whatever it wants, and after that, it goes away. However, if you try to run away, it will keep following you till it gets what it wants. Its always better to give it what it wants now itself rather than on a future date

The journey on train was a little extraordinary (as usual)

I had purchased 2 books, viz, Sudha Murthy's Dollar Bahu and Tusshar Raheja's Anything for you ma'am. I started reading the second one and could read a couple of chapter. Its a love story of an IITian. There are some nice incidents that he quotes about in the book

In fact, I had got the reservation done about a month back and I was in the waiting list. However, I was lucky to find that my seat is confirmed. Further, as usual, I shifted from one seat to another seat to enable family and friends stay together. From S5-46 to S6-72 to S6-37 or so. I am exact about the numbers though. At the Bangalore station, I wanted to have some food and I had gone out. I was having a cream bun and a badam milk. And in moments, the train started moving. I never noticed that. And suddenly, I find that the train is off

Oh my God. I had been thinking about all such things the whole day. I had been thinking that I will cancel my tickets. I had even lost my tickets in my room. And after googling for about 3 hours, I got them. I had even thought that the train might never reach to Hubli. And with such thoughts, it was almost getting confirmed to me that I am not going. And suddenly, I started running and the milkvendor shouts at me for the money. That was a real testing time. I had a Rs 20 note. I could not even wait for the change back. But then, I never lose money this way. I ensured that I collect the change and ran. And in fact, I could easily run and catch the train. The problem was that a full glass of badam milk was in my hand I could not afford to throw it. Neither could I drink it. I managed run on and on and the milk kept falling over and over and at last, at last but not the least, I was on the board. The first thing I did after getting into the train was, sip the badam milk to the full

What an amazement...

Further, I went and fell asleep on my seat. It was about 3.45 am that I got up. I did not know that the time was 3.45 am as my cell was switched off due to low battery. I took out the charger and went on to find the charging point. The charging point was so strong that the plug pin never entered it. I wanted to peep out to see which place we were in. By that, I would know the time. Having travelled in this train for good number of times, I have a feeling of the land around and on that basis, I can judge an approxiamate timing based on the station. In a couple of moments, I corssed over to the other coach. And while I could keep my cellular device for charging, the TC closed the shutter that made way between S5 and S6

I was amazed, shocked, surprised, thrilled, excited, feared, happy, sad, mad or whatever. I just did not know what to do. I could not open the shutter. I could not even go to sleep. Whats the use of getting this reservation? Soon, my cell was on and I saw that it was 4 am. Luckily, this charging point was working. All my luggage, my purse and other belongings were lying across my seat in the other coach. I could lose anything. There was a good amount of cash ranging around 4000 rupees. I tried opening the shutter and nothing worked. And then, I thought, there are 2 things that can happen now. One is that someone will steal everything. Other is no one will steal anything. Now, in both cases, I am helpless. So, I just went into S5 and found that there was a vacant seat. In fact, a person was there in this seat. And that person has gone to the other seat sitting with another person and chatting together. Love birds, you know... I dont know if it was a boy's seat or a girl's seat. Whatever, what difference does it make. I went on and asked them if I can use that seat. They said OK. And I also informed them that my mobile is kept for charging and they should look after it. I even told them to wake me up at 4.30 am when Haveri station comes. That was something too demanding

At 4.30 am, I rushed on and banged. In fact, when I was trying to open the shutter previously, I did every sort of adjustment and in the process, the shutter got a double lock. The TC was shouting from the other end to open it. And finally, it was opened. Hurray

And guess what, there was another poor old man from S6 who had done the same mistake of going into S5. He was cursing the TC and also telling that some locked the shutter from the other side (ie, me) and it was not getting opened. He was saying that his wife will be so much worried about him and she must be crying. I went with him to his seat. And now, a great thing. The seat in which I was sleeping was that old man's seat. It did not belong to those love birds. Thats why they bother to say yes when I asked. And next, the old woman is sleeping cool and fine. And the old man wakes her up. She asks what happened. And then, the old man began. What an incident

Before the shutter would close again, I ensured that I get back to my seat. Yet again, I had forgotten my cell and I ran back and collected it too. I keep forgetting my cell everywhere everytime. I dont understand why this happens. It has become one of my characteristic features :-)

And finally, it was 5.30 am and I stood in this sexy city, Hubballi

In a couple of minutes, I was at home. My flat is very near to the railway station

And then, it was the beginning of a new saga

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

MT-5 Off... Week Off... Month Off... Bengaluru Off... Life Off...

The Fifth Monthly Test on Retail Banking-II completed today. Everyone performed well. I was amongst the top performers

Tomorrow is the birthday of Ajeya Mandyam, coincidently, Gandhi Jayanthi too. As it is a holiday, we celebrated his birthday today. And for Ajeya, it was no surprise. He is a big celebrity, you know. Kidding :-)

Well, I am leaving to Hubli today and I shall be coming back on Monday. I am so happy to be going back. Only I know how I have spent these 3 months

Take care IFBI. Take care Bengaluru. I know you will miss me. But I won't miss anyone or anything as I am going to get what I missed all these days :-)

Signing off for the day

Soon to leave to Hubli...

Its been almost 3 months that I have been living in Bengaluru. And this weekend, I am going to Hubli. There are certain issues that I need to address, some personal and some professional. I was very excited on this. However, that excitement has reduced considerably and now, I am also feeling like to cancel this move. But then, I cant cancel due to some commitments already passed on with an assurance of me being there. After all, emotions, interests, problems, etc are only applicable to personal life. They do not have any significance in professional life. Performance is required every moment. Promises have to be kept up. There is no question of seeing anything back. Let the situation be whatever, professional life goes on. In such times, its like a sandwiched life that a person leads

Neither can he care for some things which wants to care nor can he ignore those
things which he wants to ignore

Things, though have been shaping well professionally, have gone too worse in the other side of life. Further, my inability to address these issues has added to the woes. I have been trying to do something for all these. I must regret that I have been totally unsuccessful in this. Sometimes, though you make every effort to keep things at bay, they always blast out and create much problematic situations. Pains keep adding, and adding so much that you forget that what you have got is pain. A person walking without shoes might experience the pain of heat and pressure for the first day. Soon, he adapts to the same. But then, I am in a situation where this heat is increasing scrochingly every moment and I lie in this position, helpless. The twists and turns are so deep and strong that it pierces into and creates deepest aches. Yet, everything needs to be digested

Well, this is something that has been happening from a long time in life and things have been the same. I have been taking it all and I am grateful to the God for having given me the strength to take it all

Dard ko bhi ab dard hone laga hai

Dard khud hi mere ghaav dhone laga hai

Dard se jindagi mein kabhi roye na hum

Dard khud hamein dekh kar rone laga hai

I am in a postion of not being able to understand the things happening in life. Efforts are on from moe than 3 years to discover this. And yet, things are on the odd side. The essentials for making things even are, unfortunately, absent

Lets see what these few days add into my life